Good Governance of Sustainable Tourism in Nature Park – Carita Beach

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Yohanes Sulistyadi
Fauziah Eddyono
Derinta Entas


Aims/Objective: This study aims to review whether the performance of the tourism activities management in Nature Park – Carita Beach has already contributed to the increase of domestic economic growth, and natural conservation also preservation of local culture.

Design: This study adopts the principal concept of sustainable tourism and collaborated with strategic management through analyzes of internal factors and external factors.

Methodology: According to data and analytics, this research approach is using qulitative approach utilizes the Miles and Huberman model analytics. The technique of determining participants is conducted based on the required data in the social situation under study using snowball sampling approach.

Results: Existing profile of tourist destination management of Nature Park – Carita Beach, from the research result showed that stakeholders have not shown behaviour that oriented to the principal of sustainable tourism. Tourism management still conventional like in most of developing countries.. Therefore, active participation and strong encouragement from various parties, especially the local government authorities, are required to be able to evolve in applying the principles of sustainable tourism.

Community based tourism, conservation oriented, carrying capacity

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Sulistyadi, Y., Eddyono, F., & Entas, D. (2017). Good Governance of Sustainable Tourism in Nature Park – Carita Beach. Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 5(2), 1-14.
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