Econometric Study of the Impact of Public and Private Investment on Economic Growth in Algeria during the Period (1970-2017)

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Hadjoudj Abdallah
TchiKo Faouzi


This article examines the impact of public and private investment on economic growth in Algeria covering the period from 1970 to 2017. By applying the Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag model (ARDL)-(bounds testing approach).

The key findings of the study concluded that there is a long-run relationship between public and private investment and economic growth in Algeria.

The result of the Augmented Dickey Fuller unit root test (ADF) showed that the variables are stationary at the level and at the first difference. In addition, the results of the cointegration test indicated that the variables are cointegrated and therefore have the ability to move together over the long term.

The parsimonious error correction mechanism showed that private investment is significantly related to economic growth. The result indicated that a 1 percent increase in the present value of private investment, on average, stimulates economic growth by 0.09 percent. Similarly, the value of public investment is positively related to economic growth. On average, a 1 percent increase in public investment stimulates growth in Algeria by 0.05 percent.

the results of short-run dynamics reveal that, the error correction term (ECM) is negative and significant (-0.54), which means that 54% of the disequilibrium will be adjusted annually.

Economic growth, public investment, private investment, ARDL model, Algeria.

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Abdallah, H., & Faouzi, T. (2020). Econometric Study of the Impact of Public and Private Investment on Economic Growth in Algeria during the Period (1970-2017). Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting, 18(2), 58-69.
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